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Characteristic Advantages
  • Reliable results

    Grammatical, semantic and lexical aspects of articles (academic papers, press releases, official documents and industry reports) are stable, with concordance as the main focus, taking into account simplicity, coherence and originality.

  • Application Flexibility

    Can be processed as a whole, can also be divided into sections, and even sentence processing of the service mode, support for up to forty kinds of classification of the article processing, whether individual users or business users, can be quickly used.

  • Technological Lead

    Based on advanced article analysis technology, automatically parses and extracts and establishes contextual semantic associations, and divides articles into sentence-based units for processing has actually provided services for multiple industries.

Function Demo

By watching the video below, you can more intuitively and quickly understand the operation of the detailed steps

Application Scenarios

Enhancing Language Expression in Essay Writing

With our college students online thesis weight reduction AI system, the intelligently enhanced writing language makes your writing statements beautiful, clear and to the point.

Intelligent checking of suspected plagiarised content

Citing sources can get tricky. Scan your paper for plagiarism from billions of sources using a technique similar to essay checking to check for missing or incorrect citations.

Thesis grammar improvement and optimisation

Whether you are a professional dissertation writer or a first-time thesis writer, don't lose points in a thesis defence because of small mistakes. The system finds and optimises up to 200 grammatical errors before submitting it to your professor for review.

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